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About Us

about-us-pic.jpgWhen the environment's tough, we're Tuffer.

Thank you for choosing Tuff Supplies as your ultimate source for high-quality safety equipment and workplace gear. For close to ten years, we’ve been outfitting everyday people and professionals alike with top-value offers from our 30,000+ products catalog. We’re honored to help employers meet OSHA regulations for industrial safety, as well as protect workers from workplace accidents and the discomforts and dangers of hot, cold or rainy environments.

Experience the Tuff Supplies difference.

We are known for fully positioning our company at the service of our customers’ companies. That key commitment puts you at the center of everything we do. It is why we ask ourselves, “What would really keep our customers safe? What do they actually need?” before sourcing those innovative products from reputable vendors around the world. It is also why you’ll find our protective clothing and equipment to bear higher safety ratings and better comfort levels.

The Tuff Supplies difference goes even further. Our corporate sales liaisons are happy to work with you on the individual level to outfit your personnel with the ultimate in industrial protective clothing – from head to toe. Our site is a pleasure to use. All the processes and people involved in fulfilling your order have been optimized for efficiency and freedom from hassle. What’s more, you can purchase from us with confidence, knowing that the products we sell are specifically designed for the application(s) listed, and have been thoroughly tested for safety and performance.

Our team goes above and beyond to turn consumers into customers and customers into brand loyalists. We don’t just sell safety construction equipment to customers. We serve their safety needs.

Get Tuff!